Botanical: Hops

hopsHops are the flowers of Humulus lupulus. Known primarily to beer drinkers and brewers, it’s through the distilling community’s close ties to the brewing community that we first saw hops becoming a common ingredient in gin. Today, many of the distilleries playing with hops are also breweries.

In gin, hops can be added after distillation for a style of flavored gins known as “hopped gins,” which feature an aggressive bitter, citrusy flavor like you might get in an IPA. Hops can also be distilled, which results in a less bitter and more floral/citrus note from the hops.

Gins featuring Hops

Wight Mermaids Gin

Isle of Wight Distillery’s Wight Mermaids Gin boasts local coriander— the first commercial coriander operation in England. Mermaids Gin also

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Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin

Price:  $60 / 500 mLABV: 44%Origin: Germany, Europe or worldwide through Master of Malt Distiller:  Avadis DistilleryAvailability: Well executed and unusual,

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Ferdinand’s Saar Quince

Price:   £33 / 500 mLABV: 30% Distiller: Avadis DistilleryOrigin:  GermanyAvailability:  UK, GermanyRating:  Full of good ideas, but perhaps a bit too full.

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Dry Fly Gin

Up north to Washington we go, to the Pacific Northwest. If you haven’t heard, it’s quite a hot bed for

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