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Rochester, New York’s Black Button Distilling has quickly emerged as one of the United States top gin distilleries. Jason Barrett, master distiller, was the second American inducted into The Gin Guild as a Master Rectifier. Black Button’s product line includes several excellent gins, including the Warden Gin, Lilac Gin, Garden Gin, an American Dry Gin, a Loganberry Gin… In short, Black Button is as innovative as it is known for its high quality products.

Barrel Reserve Citrus Forward Gin is a re-interpretation of their first gin, Black Button Citrus Forward Gin. They dialed down the juniper, amped up the citrus and rested the gin for a year in second hand bourbon barrels. The resulting gin is bottled at 42% ABV.

We’re reviewing¬†Batch 2.

Tasting Notes

Buttery citrus on the nose with vanillin undertones and assertive orange rinds. Barrel Reserve Citrus Forward Gin is nice and inviting to the nose, with a strong gin-like character.

The palate is surprisingly soft on the entry as well. Clean with citrus early, the mid-palate has citrusy hops which usher in a subtle finish with a moderate woodiness. Very light in tannins. The finish of Barrel Reserve Citrus Forward Gin is more about the gin than it is the barrel.

Classic gin fans may note that juniper is very mild here to the point of almost being invisible at times– especially if you mix with Black Button Barrel Reserve Citrus Forward Gin.

Overall Barrel Reserve Citrus Forward Gin

Barrel Reserve Citrus Forward Gin is a great example of barrel aged gin’s transformation. Rather than a gin that sat in the barrel for a length of time and was bottled as a curiosity– this gin shows foresight about what the barrel’s affect would be. The decision to dial up the citrus ensured that citrus would be present, even after a year in the barrel. The oak doesn’t detract from the gin– overall, I’m impressed. Black Button Distilling continues to nail it. Barrel Reserve Citrus Forward Gin is one of the best barrel aged gins I’ve tried in 2019.

Highly Recommended in its category. 


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