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If you grew up in Western New York (like me), you’re already quite familiar with Loganberry drink.

If you’re from anywhere else in the world— let me briefly explain.

Loganberry is a hybrid of a raspberry and a blackberry. First grown in California in the 1880’s, it came to popularity in Western New York and Southern Ontario, in large part a popular amusement park in the area sold a drink made from the fruit as its signature beverage. Loganberry drink is a non-carbonated, sweetened drink. It’s a bit like Hawaiian Punch or Tang. It’s a deep burgundy in hue and quite sweet (and delicious). If you don’t live in Western New York, you can buy Loganberry Drink on Amazon.

Loganberry Gin from Rochester-based Black Button Distilling pays homage to this time honored tradition. Bottled at 42% ABV, it adds traditional gin botanicals along with the loganberry to create a contemporary-style gin.

Tasting Notes

Loganberry Gin has a strong juniper led nose. Hints of white grape. honeysuckle and pine resin emerge. Despite the “berry” in the name, the nose is readily identifiable as gin albeit with a slight fruity floral lean.

Sipped, Loganberry Gin shows off more than just its signature botanical. Initially, bitter lemon peel with sweet pine and licorice root. Just as the finish comes on, the loganberry emerges from the background. It has tart facets that call to mind cranberries and floral facets that suggest raspberry leaves and fresh fruit.

The finish is long, but never overwhelming nor cloying. Loganberry Gin is a nicely balanced contemporary gin that showcases its signature botanical without ignoring the other botanicals. If you like gins such as Brockman’s but want a bit more juniper— Black Button’s Loganberry Gin is a more restrained berry-forward gin.


It’s a rather clean and straightforward gin that works well in a wide range of options. Fans of contemporary gin will enjoy a Loganberry Gin Martini garnished with a twist, while my personal preference is simply mixed with tonic water. The loganberry Gin and Tonic brings just enough sophisticated berry flavor to the drink. Though if you were to serve it Gin Tonica style, I’d suggest a couple raspberries and blueberries.

Overall, Loganberry Gin

Black Button Distilling have made quite a name for themselves in the contemporary gin category. In the past, such as with their Lilac Gin they’ve successfully taken a bold, almost overwhelming botanical and perfectly balanced it in a gin that neither forgets that it is gin, nor hides the signature botanical.

Loganberry Gin is a must try if you’re a Western New Yorker. But for everyone else, it’s still a worthwhile buy if you’re looking for a fruity-berry forward gin that doesn’t forget it’s a gin.




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