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Berkeley Square Gin

berkeley square gin

I find this whole notion of “men’s” and “women’s” gin to be bollocks. Nothing short of ridiculous.  The notion that taste has something to do with gender is preposterous. Men who like cocktails think nothing of a pink colored drink, just as woman who likes whisky thinks nothing of Islay Peat Monster*.

As stereotypes would have it you might expect the opposite to be their drinks of choice.

So where are stereotypes useful? Well when you don’t have time to tell a full story or create a character from scratch. So think network sitcoms. Create an overweight, loud, white guy married to a younger, slim and conventionally attractive wife. What comes to mind? He probably forgets her birthday. She probably forgives him too easily. They probably have a couple of great kids, and he may hate his mother in law. It would take too long in 22 minutes to establish a complex character, so we rely on these stereotypes to get us halfway there. Another place where storytellers don’t have sufficient time to weave a complex character is the world of advertising. In a brief 30 second commercial, a single billboard, a brand wants to tell you their entire story and help you see yourself drinking their spirit.

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Gin Mare


If you asked me, “what is the hottest place for innovation in the gin spirit category,” I would obviously reply “The United States.” But suppose you asked me, “what would be the next hottest place for innovation in gin?” I wouldn’t even hesitate to say it is definitely Spain.

The contemporary gin movement is not limited to the states. It is alive and well on the Iberian peninsula, and as we’ll see with Gin Mare, this Mediterranean gin is wholly unlike anything I think I’ve had thus far.

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