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The Lakes Gin was reformulated in 2019 to feature a more traditional botanical bill. The new recipe was created by their master blender, Dhavall Gandhi. Eschewing the regional, foraged flair of their original gin, The Lakes Classic English Gin features nine botanicals, macerated in wheat spirit, before being distilled on a copper pot.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Beautiful and classic, The Lakes Gin is bright with fresh, ripe juniper. Somewhat peppery and terpey, angelica root adds some depth to the almost single note nose. Juniper lovers and fans of classic gin will rejoice.

If you ever had their original 2014 formulation, it’s almost night and day. This is a completely different product.

Flavor: Classic and bright, The Lakes Gin is strongly juniper forward. However, this is where the complexities of the nine classic botanicals unfolds.

Early pine-forward juniper with some crisp bitter orange. Some crisp hints of celery, angelica ease into a juniper and coriander heart. Coriander adds a hint of spice later. The end is a bit more spice driven with a peppery character elevating the juniper.

Finish: Lemon oil, coriander, peppery spice and resinous juniper. On the warmer side, The Lakes Gin never reads as “hot” or “astringent.”

Cocktails and suggested serves

It shouldn’t be taken the wrong way, but The Lakes Gin is an excellent blank canvas for any cocktail. It is platonic classic gin. It is a perfect gin and tonic whether your preference is a dry Indian Tonic or a floral tonic. Further it works well in any mixed drink from a gin and lemonade to a gin and soda. The juniper will sing in both.

Bartenders will be able to use The Lakes Gin as an alternative to any classic gin in any cocktail. Try it in a Ramos Gin Fizz, Negroni, or Aviation. The juniper comes through and the peppery warmth prevents the gin from ever getting lost.

Highly recommended for any bar program

Overall, The Lakes Gin

Beautifully classic and juniper forward, it’s an excellent gin. The juniper is beautifully supported by some of the most traditional gin botanicals, all in a way that helps explain why those are among the most traditional gin botanicals.

Fans of classic juniper forward gin will find a lot to love about The Lakes Gin.

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