Tundra Indian Tonic Water

Tundra Tonic Water Bottle

16 calories per 100 mL serving and sweetened with real sugar.

Tasting notes

Aroma: subtle citrus effervescence on the nose

Flavor: tight bubbles, lasting from entry through mid-palate with a tickle down back of throat. Gentle citric tang. Clean and very muted bitterness. The sweetness is somewhat similar, it’s only mild. It’s by far one of the less sweet and less bitter tonics I’ve had.

Finish: clean and only faintly bitter. The dryness is pleasant but not acerbic. Further, I love the quinine character. It’s clear, at the front, but not overwhelming.

Some might find it a bit slight on its own; however, I find it balanced in all the primary facets (but on the softer side of each).

Mixed with gin, it really steps back. The gin’s botanicals will star. It only adds a slight bitterness while seemingly adding only the slightest sweetness. Fans of a dry Gin and Tonic will find a lot to love here.

Overall Tundra Indian Tonic

A beautifully confident tonic water that allows your gin to be the star. It’s one of the best tonic waters I’ve had. Further, if you’re less a fan of bitterness, this tonic water adds just enough, but doesn’t overpower your drink with quinine.

highly recommended

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