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Colorado-based Lee Spirits Co. has created an elevated take on the Pink Gin trend that has been sweeping the world. Standing in stark contrast to sweetened and preternaturally colored Pink Gins like Gordon’s or Beefeater, Lee Spirits Co.’s Strawberry Ginger Gin is a subtle carnation hue and bottled at a regular gin strength of 45% ABV. In other words, this is a spirit that bartenders can use.

Strawberry Ginger Gin begins as Lee Spirits Co. Dry Gin and then adds strawberry and ginger. Ian Lee, co-founder of Lee Spirits said “I’d love a gin that can be sipped while lounging around the pool.” And easily sipped this gin is.

Tasting Notes

Fresh cut strawberries on the nose. A subtle citrusy character sits underneath it. But Strawberry Ginger Gin is mostly just strawberry on the aroma.

The palate is where I find a lot of underlying gin character. Strawberry Ginger Gin most importantly is unmistakable as gin.

Early there’s a subtle jammy flavor. Ginger and juniper come on mid-palate. Lemon custard in the background as sugar coasted strawberries and spicy, moderately warm ginger builds on the finish.

Strawberry Ginger Gin finishes clean and dry. There’s a touch of sweet here, but ultimately you’re left with a dry astringency of a gin rather than some of the cloying sugared finishes of other pink-colored gins.


Strawberry Ginger Gin is one of the most accessible pink gins for a bartender to play around with. It’s higher ABV and dry finish means it can read as a gin with strawberry rather than the other way around. It works well in a Gin and Tonic or topped with a sparkling rosé. 

But perhaps what I enjoy the most about is that even though Strawberry Ginger Gin is a bold 90 proof, it’s smooth and quite easily sipped neat or on the rocks. It’s remarkably accessible and well balanced.

Overall, Strawberry Ginger Gin

In early 2019, there may be no more divisive issue in gin than flavored and pink gins. However, if there’s one gin that I would recommend to skeptics of the style— it’s this one. It’s proof that you can still have a solid gin that is transformed through the addition of berry flavors. And yet remains truly, unmistakably a gin.

Recommended in its category. 


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