Martin Miller’s Westbourne Strength London Dry Gin

Flavor Profile

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Martin Miller’s Westbourne Strength London Dry Gin was launched in 2003. It was designed for bartenders who had asked for a higher ABV version of the already successful Martin Miller’s Gin, for mixing.

It is distilled in two batches. Firstly, the non-citrus botanicals are distilled. Then separately, the citrus. By grouping the heavier botanicals, it enables the distiller to be more aggressive with the heat and to dig deeper into the tails for those richer, heavier volatiles.

Finally, Martin Miller’s Westbourne Strength Gin is diluted with Icelandic water. (This is why it has won awards for Best Icelandic Gin in the past)

Cucumber essence is also added after distillation and is responsible for the characteristic fresh, vegetal aroma.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Clean, pine forward juniper forward with hints of citrus. Nicely balanced.

Flavor: Juniper and citrus predominate; however some peppery nuance from the nutmeg and coriander mingles with clean cucumber for a finish that while classic— begins to veer into contemporary territory.


This is among my favorite Martini gins in the world. While I prefer the regular strength version for mixed drinks like gin and tonics, this is my go-to Miller’s for cocktail craft.

Overall, Martin Miller’s Westbourne Strength

Amazingly, nearly a decade after I first reviewed it, this gin still does it for me. Expertly blended, it balances innovation with classic gin flavor.

Fans of contemporary style gins will love the citrus and cucumber; fans of classic style gins will stick around for the punch of juniper.

Highly Recommended.

13 thoughts on “Martin Miller’s Westbourne Strength London Dry Gin”

  1. FINALLY GOT THIS. Sweet jesus does it make a good Gimlet! Look forward to trying more things..

  2. Been drinking this gin for a while now. Shaken (not stirred) or in a G&T, no matter, it’s at the top of my “A” list, ahead of Distillery 209, Greenhook, Perry’s Tot and Hendicks. This is real Grand Cru stuff. And the price point is amazing!! Plus, it’s a great accompaniment to spiced up, pepper laden dishes.

  3. G&T’sand V&T’s are my favorite drinks… Came across this gin randomly a couple of years back, went back to the store and bought the remaining 5 bottles. I really don’t want anything else but Millers!

    Since then, family/friends have started buying me other esoteric bottles (about 9 bottles now), but so far none come close. Hum.. why are they so keen to get me off Millers – or are they just tired of me praising it and being so obstinate about having something else… 🙂

  4. What other esoteric bottles have they thrown at you? I would just enjoy the free gin! although I have to be honest- if I could pick just one gin, this gin would at the very least be near the top of the running.

  5. We recently got this gin in our neck of the woods. Enjoying our first bottle now. Makes a great martini.

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