Martin Miller’s 10th Anniversary Gin

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Special thanks to David at Summer Fruit Cup for sending me a small sample of the very special Martin Miller’s 10th Anniversary Gin

The official 10th Anniversary was in August 2009, so I am a little bit late to the celebration right here. The Anniversary gin was put out in limited edition (only 1,000) bottles and was not put up for sale here in the United States.

Tasting Notes

Martin Miller’s 10th Anniversary Gin tasted surprisingly smooth given the added strength. It again walked the line of harmony between the citrus and juniper that I think makes Miller’s gin such a fantastic choice. There were some earthier notes in the Anniversary strength, especially when compared to the Martin Miller’s flagship and Martin Miller’s Westbourne Strength.

It tasted a bit more complex Warmer, earthier, a bit thicker and more oily with a rich mouthfeel. Some of the vegetal, cucumber notes of the original were muted and not starring players as in some other Martin Miller’s offerings.

[For more on the full story behind the 10th Anniversary Gin, covered it in detail back in ’09]


Given that I only had a small quantity, I was only able to try a dash of it with a dash of Fever Tree Tonic Water. It was good and left me wanting for more.

Overall, Martin Miller’s 10th Anniversary Gin

And of course, although it was such a small quantity. After sipping it neat, we poured the last couple sips with equal parts of Fever Tree tonic water to see how well it worked in the quintessential gin cocktail. Suffice to say, the results were pleasing.

Martin Miller’s 10th Anniversary Gin is a lovely limited edition that was good while it lasted. I look forward to the 20th and 30th Anniversary editions. If they’re anywhere as good as the 10th— we’ll all be better for having known Martin Miller and his gins.

Recommended (if there’s still any left)



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