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“We wanted to see where we landed if we used as few spices as possible in order to show that it is possible to penetrate the noise of buzzwords with knowledge and craftsmanship that speaks for itself,” said Hernö Gin Distillery’s founder Jon Hillgren when describing why they sought to produce a gin with only two botanicals.

Juniper. Coriander.

That’s it. While Hernö Gin Distillers are far from the first distillery to try the most simplistic approach to gin possible, they are one of the highest profile. Jon won Master Distiller of the Year at the 2024 Gin Awards.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Sparkling with bright green juniper. It’s piney side is present as well. The coriander shows some of its more floral character— a touch of linalool, it’s bright, floral, and rich with coriander oil. Clean and classic, the aroma sings the songs of these two ingredients, highlighting the way they can invoke other flavors.

Taste: Piney, green Juniper and some floral, mildly fruity coriander early. Mid-palate, the juniper takes charge. It’s dark, oily, and powerful like a crushed juniper berry gently warmed in a simmering sauce.

However, perhaps most remarkable is the way that these two botanicals can mimic others. Late on the palate, there’s an intense chewy note of licorice root and angelica root.

It might be only two, but it tastes like much more.

Finish: Licorice root with some hints of celery, angelica stalk—the juniper is the star here.

Cocktails and suggested serves

Hernö Botanical Flavoured Gin is an ideal mixing gin. It brings assertive juniper to the cocktail, but other than that it allows the quality of your other ingredients to shine. Mix it with fresh citrus in a Tom Collins or Gin and Lemonade.

My favorite might be the Martini. It’s so assertive in its two botanicals, that even served from the freezer you don’t lose the juniper—the coriander is a bit less fruity, but it’s still. present and well-rounded. Highly recommended, served with a lemon twist.

Overall, Hernö Botanical Flavoured Gin

Many distilleries boast the number of botanicals as if it’s a mark of quality. You can make a good gin with 50+ botanicals. But you don’t need to. It’s about how you use what you have.

Perhaps the best part of Hernö Botanical Flavoured Gin isn’t the number of botanicals, it’s the depth of flavor they get form the botanicals they do choose to use. It’s remarkable how humble ingredients like juniper and coriander, can taste like so many different botanicals, when in the hands of a great distiller.

Hernö Botanical Flavoured Gin is a great gin on its own that will appeal to fans of classic style gins, especially some of the over-the-top juniper gins of recent years (VJOP, Triple Juniper).

However, there’s also an academic side— Hernö Botanical Flavoured Gin is a distilling master class in getting the most out of your botanicals.

Highly recommended.


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