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Never Never Distilling Co. boasts “[Triple Juniper Gin]  is a throwback to the times when gin had juniper and lashings of it.

They accomplish this by using three different processes for adding juniper.

  1. Juniper is macerated in the spirit for 24 hours, before being filtered out.
  2. Fresh juniper is added to the spirit that had juniper macerating in it previously. It is then distilled.
  3. Lo and behold! There’s more juniper in the vapor basket.

The process is similar to by which Sipsmith does their V.J.O.P. but the resulting gin is stunning nonetheless. Australian juniper lovers rejoice, this is your juniper dream.

And if this isn’t enough— every year Never Never Distilling Co. releases a vintage, navy strength version.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Pine and angelica root early. It’s broad, green and terpey. You can almost smell the fresh juniper— branches, boughs and needles. Hints of bitter orange oil lend it a depth and roundness.

Flavor: Early, zesty orange and pomelo notes ease into broad, green juniper.  Angelica and a hint of orris root highlight the full bouquet of traditional gin botanicals present.

The finish is a touch more earthy with angelica coloring the staid durable glow of juniper berry.

While juniper is the star, Triple Juniper Gin is not a one-botanical wonder. It is well balanced with a full complement of other ingredients that lend depth and color without taking away from the juniper.


Triple Juniper Gin is a beautiful mixer and cocktail gin. The intense juniper stands out in cocktails like the Negroni or White Lady. But it’s also a bold juniper mixer for your Gin and TonicGin and Juice or Gin and Ginger.

My favorite hands down is the Martini. The smoothness, the flavor, the warmth and the balance are all there. Even if you go Churchill Martini style (it’s okay to just order gin neat these days!) Triple Juniper Gin is an ideal tipple.

Overall, Triple Juniper Gin

Although a bit steep in price, Triple Juniper Gin would be a bartender’s gin dream. While Never Never’s Southern Strength Gin shoots for being bold in complex gin cocktails, Triple Juniper Gin could be Australia’s local answer to all of the centuries old benchmarks for the style. While perhaps more Beefeater-style than Gordon’s, it is quintessentially classic.

Highly Recommended. 


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  1. At the moment— I wish I had a better answer. I usually rely on Australian colleagues for samples. I don’t think they have an American distributor (yet) but I hope they do soon.