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Harahorn’s Pink Gin is naturally flavored with raspberries and features no added coloring— the hue is all natural.

Tasting notes

Color: Vivid flamingo pink and tansparent

Aroma: Tart bright raspberries with a heady note of green juniper. Bright and clearly gin. Hints of orris root and violets add some floral notes around the edges. Quite a nice and pleasant nose.

Flavor: Sour berry— especially blackberry with a lot of gin flavor. Primarily green juniper early with some pine blossom facets. Mid-palate there’s a bit more pine blossom and juniper with some emerging lemon rind, coriander and blackberry.

Later, the berry adds some brightness, especially as it turns to vivid boysenberry.

It’s just about at this point that some of the underlying Harahorn Gin begins to come through with coriander and some additional baking spice.

Round and unctuous, it’s a pink gin that drinks like a traditional flavored dry gin. The only added character is a bit of literal berry sourness. Which all things considered, works quite well in balance with the underlying gin.

Finish: Bright and slightly sour with tangy blackberry and raspberry. Coriander, spice and a touch of juniper lend it balance.

Cocktails and suggested served

Harahorn Pink Gin is an ideal candidate for a gin and tonic, gin and soda, or a pairing with sparkling lemonade. It’s a well designed pink gin that expertly balances core berry flavor with core gin flavors.

Overall, Harahorn Pink Gin

Pink Gin can be a tough category— especially if you personally don’t prefer berry flavored gins. To me Harahorn Pink Gin compares favorably to some of the better ones in the space, such as Bloom’s Pink Gin or Stockholm’s Pink Gin.

I’m not sure it will ever be my personal favorite category in the gin world, but I have to recognize excellence within the category. Beautiful color, good berry flavor, solid balance of sweetness and dryness, and a great use of underlying gin.

It’s one of the best pink gins I’ve had and if you’re a fan of the category— this is one worth seeking out.

Highly recommended in its category.


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