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Chemist South Slope Gin is a blend of five different types of citrus, vapor infused from a base spirit distilled from grain.

Debbie Word and her daughter, professional chemist Danielle merge modern distilling with inspiration of prohibition-era chemists who kept distilling alive in their labs, to create their line of gins.

Chemist South Slope Gin is their “American traditional” take with a contemporary-style bias in its design and approach.

Tasting Notes

Creamy citrus on the nose. Orange and lemon at first. It’s subtle in the glass, despite the preponderance of light botanicals, it is somewhat shy on the aroma.

The palate of Chemist South Slope Gin is bright and very-citrus forward.

Hints of juniper in the background early, but it’s quickly overcome by a burst of bright and very fresh citrus peel. Sweet lemon zest, candied orange peel with facets of vanilla and a hint of lime. Mid-palate sweet rose candy with a touch of marzipan.

the late palate of Chemist South Slope Gin has a slightly cool mint and tangerine notes that segue you into the finish. A very mild cool, fresh spearmint note adds a hazy glow to terpey juniper, rosewater and orange blossoms.

Overall, the palate of Chemist South Slope Gin is complex and very citrus-forward.


Bartenders would be advised to treat Chemist South Slope Gin as a citrus-forward gin. More similar to Bluecoat Gin, New Amsterdam Gin than Gordon’s or Tanqueray. That being said, the strong rose undertones might suggest this also being a great gin for those who like Hendrick’s but are maybe looking for a bit more citrus.

I recommend trying it in a Gin and Tonic or a Martini garnished with a twist.

Overall, Chemist South Slope Gin

Chemist South Slope Gin is a delightful citrus-forward contemporary style gin. People who don’t like this gin will say that “it’s a bit light on the juniper.”

While that’s true, fans of contemporary style-gin will love the bright flavors, balanced complexity, and clear accessible approach.

Highly Recommended. 



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4 thoughts on “Chemist South Slope Gin”

  1. This tastes almost exactly NOTHING like gin. It’s like cheaply-made moonshine. Pretty boring and ghastly. Too much oak, too little flavour.