Caliber Gin

Flavor Profile

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Caliber Gin is an inexpensive brand owned by Sazerac. Officially classified as a “London Dry Distilled Gin,” it is distilled and bottled at different distilleries for different markets.

The bottle of Caliber Gin I have says it was “bottled at I.W.A Distilling Co. Ltd.” which indicates that it is a product made at the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Tasting Notes

Clear as day juniper led nose. There’s a hint of peeled celery, and a very slight hint of smoky, phenolic cade.

Sipped, Caliber Gin has some of the sweet, bitter flavor that characterizes ethanol or industrial neutral grain spirit before before re-distillation. Juniper dominates the palate throughout. Green at first, towards the back of the palate it becomes slightly more phenolic with heavy pine facets. Hints of angelica suggest a more complex botanical blend.

The finish is medium length with phenolic pine.


Caliber Gin is priced to be an inexpensive mixing gin. It works well at that, especially in mixed drinks like a Gin and Tonic and Gin and Juice.

Overall, Caliber Gin

At its price point, Caliber Gin is a good deal. While it won’t compare in terms of flavor and quality to gins a few dollars more, at this price, it’s one of the best options I’ve had. It lacks the heat, the bitterness, or the artificiality that plague many others in this part of the gin market.