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nginious! Vermouth Cask Gin

Vermouth Cask Nginious

Some barrels are like cats. They have many, many, lives. Such is the story of the barrels behind nginious! Barrel aged gin.

Picture this: a fresh barrel, constructed of French oak begins its life’s journey. Fresh from the cooper, the barrels heads to Northern Italy, to hold for a minimum of eighteen months (and often longer), one of Italy’s greatest treasures: Barolo, ‘the King of Wines.’ Its a lightly colored red wine with a bold flavor that has been the subject of much back and forth between traditional and modern takes on the wine; but as per he style, once a barrel has held Barolo, it won’t a second time…

Life Two for this barrel was to hold Cocchi Vermouth di Torrino.

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nginious! Summer 2015 Gin

nginious summer gin

Taking a look at the lineup of Nginious! Gins, the summer one is the most overtly, and most over the top non-traditional. Eschewing much of the standards for a wide assortment of exotic and unusual botanicals: Juniper meets blueberry, peach, lime, jasmine (!!!), white pepper, rhubarb roots and rhubarb stalk.

Jasmine stands out as being particularly notable. Perfumers struggled for centuries to properly harness the flavor of jasmine. The delicate buds did not suffer heat well (it destroys the aromatics for which the buds are so prized!), and perfumers used fat to dissolve the aromatics in a method better known as enfleurage. It basically pressed the flowers between pieces of animal fat, until the fat itself became thick and musky with the rich aroma of jasmine. Jasmine is still incredibly hard to distill, and although not optimal, ethanol can be used as a solvent.

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nginious! Swiss Blended Gin


Distillers Oliver Ullrich and Ralph Villager sought to create a gin which could be known as the Swiss Gin. As Swiss as Cuckoo Clocks. As Swiss as banks and neutrality. As Swiss as the Edelweiss growing in the alps.

The botanicals are distilled in four passes, loosely grouped by their aromatic profile, before being blended to create the final gin. Among the unusual botanicals in this mixture are Black Currant Leaves (a popular herbal tea, particularly in the plant’s northern Europe range), the barberry (a subtropical, very tart and bitter berry, who was repatriated in Northern Europe due to its reputed medicinal qualities) and the Carlina (which looks vaguely like a daisy, and could once be found growing from the Canary Islands all the way across Europe, Northern Africa and Asia).

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nginious! Smoked & Salted Gin

nginious salted and smoked gin

Smoked and Salted.

I’ll forgive you if you thought we were talking about herring. But no, we are indeed talking about a Swiss gin from the team behind the nginious! line of gins, which we’ll be seeing more of in the coming weeks on here, thanks to David T. Smith who brought me some samples during a recent get together in California.

Using chestnuts, which are cold smoked for 40 (!) hours, and are subsequently macerated in spirit with ginger, quince, bitter orange, coriander and juniper, the smoked nuts are only half of the equation.

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