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Vaiŏne Gin

vaione gin bottle

As far as I know, this review is a Gin is In exclusive. It also marks the first time I’ve had a gin from New Zealand.

New Zealand has a thriving distillers’ culture. It is the the only nation, which as of right, allows citizens to distill for their own personal use. Distillers who wish to sell, have to go through a permitting process. But if you’ve ever wanted to just experiment with distilling, New Zealand is the place for you.

It’s in this thriving culture that Vaiŏne’s origins lie. The gin here was originally a home distilled product from John Sexton [the gin’s website graciously provides newspaper clippings]. The Sexton family has taken their home distilled gin to the big leagues, and John’s award winning home distilled gin is now produced by him and his son Anthony, and is available in stores.

Vaiŏne does embody the sense of place: among the botanicals are locally grown New Zealand/South Pacific limes.

Tasting Notes

The nose is a little strong, a bit of heat, some citrus, orange and lemony notes, with some juniper and a faint touch of spice on the finish.

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