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Seager’s Gin bears the year 1805 on its bottle as a tribute to the date of incorporation of Seager, Evans and Co.— a London based spirits company who were more prominently known for their gin.

The year and the place suggest that this firm was distilling gin at a foundational time. They were members of the same Rectifier’s Club as  Alexander Gordon, Phillip Booth, Charles Tanqueray and Burnett— to name a handful.

In the late 1920’s, the company underwent a rapid expansion. They opened distilleries in non-traditional gin markets in South America and Oceania. This expansion is the reason that Seager’s is one of the best selling and most-well known gin brands in New Zealand, but virtually unheard of in the rest of the world.

Tasting Notes

Piney aromatic juniper with heady angelica facets on the nose. Slight hint of lemon zest, Seager’s Gin is quintessentially classic.

On the palate the juniper comes on early. True to the nose, it still has a strong angelica facet. There’s a nice crispness here and a slight lemon note as well.

The finish is warmer and more satisfying than many other gins bottled at 37.5% ABV. In fact, it tasted stronger in terms of alcohol. The botanical intensity was muted and quieter, indicative of the bottling strength.


Seager’s Gin is a good mixing gin that adds traditional gin notes a la Gordons or Tanqueray. In other words, it’s a workhorse classic style gin that will appeal to fans of the London Dry archetype.

I recommend it in long drinks and mixed drinks, more than I do gin-forward cocktails. Try Seager’s Gin in a Tom Collins, Gin Rickey or Gin and Tonic. Steer clear of it for the Martini or Martini Variations.

Overall, Seager’s Gin

Seager’s Gin is a solid classic gin with a touch more citrus. It has a wide range of appeal, especially at this price point.

An ad for Seager’s Gin as featured in Food and Wine Magazine in 1935.


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  1. Good day,

    I came across an add for Seagers Gin and would like to know where in South Africa I can purchase this. My wife loves gin and to have one bearing our name would be amazing. Hoping you can help or put me in the right direction.

    Best Regards

  2. Dear Derick,
    Seagers is the best selling gin in Brazil. It has two versions: the Seagers and the Seagers Silver, which is more expensive.
    Best regards.