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Distilled at the Southernmost tip of New Zealand’s Northern Island, Lighthouse Gin proudly features hand peeled Yen Ben Lemons at the center of their grain base gin, that includes eight other botanicals. Head Distiller Rachel Hall is also New Zealand’s first female distiller, taking over distilling of the gin in 2014.

Yen Ben Lemons are a regional cultivar. Originally from Queensland Australia, the fruit attracted the attention of New Zealand researchers for its hardiness in the 1970s, and has been widely grown there ever since. They are said to have smooth skins and large amounts juice.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Meyer Lemons on the nose with crisp juniper, and a dusting of coriander an Although citrus forward, the aroma is quite classic.

Flavor: Early a touch of orange, a heady hit of coriander, and licorice root. Unctuous and a bit warm, Lighthouse may feature Yen Ben Lemons but it is not a lemon flavored gin.

Lemon pokes through a bit later on the palate. Green juniper and bitter orange come through only briefly before the spice takes hold. Somewhat earthy, coriander and cassia close things out at the back of the palate.

Finish: Moderately warm for its proof with a pleasant astringency. A nutty walnut note lingers at the edges of the palate.

Cocktails and suggested serves

Though it says lemon on the bottle, Lighthouse Gin is not a one note gin. Pairing it with fresh lemon in a Tom Collins or a White Lady brings out the lemon and citrus character note in the gin, without it ever being too much.

The gin pairs well with mixers including tonic and soda. It’s a versatile gin behind the bar. Although more contemporary and a touch lighter on juniper than other gins, it reads as gin in most mixed applications

Overall, Lighthouse Gin

A solid gin that will appeal to bartenders and fans of contemporary style gin (that still like a bit of juniper).


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