Miller’s 10th Anniversary Gin

Special thanks to David at Summer Fruit Cup for sending me a small sample of Martin Miller’s very special limited edition gin.

Its hard to write a complete review of Martin Miller’s Anniversary Strength gin as there was only a small quantity. So instead of a formal complete review, I’ll give a brief summary of impressions and include some photographs, taken by friend David Pierro.

The Baseline: Miller’s gin

Martin Miller’s gin is among my favorites (See review from September 2010) already so clearly I was excited at the chance to taste his award winning special anniversary higher-proof gin that was put out to celebrate their 10th year of making gin. For those of you who need some catching up with the story and what I like about their main offerings, here is a quote from my previous review:

“Miller’s gin balances a crisp clean Juniper flavor with a  hint of Citrus sweetness. These two flavors are in such perfect harmony, that Miller’s is the epitome of versatility in gin.”

and the 10th Annniversary

The official 10th Anniversary was in August 2009, so I am a little bit late to the celebration right here. The Anniversary gin was put out in limited edition (only 1,000) bottles and was not put up for sale here in the United States.

Overall, the 10th Anniversary gin tasted surprisingly smooth for the proof. It again walked the line of harmony between the citrus and juniper that I think makes Miller’s gin such a fantastic choice. There were some earthier notes in the Anniversary strength. It tasted a bit more complex, and it would have been fantastic to have a bit more to really pick apart the flavors. Suffice to say, it was fantastic and I enjoyed every drop that David sent me (except the sips I shared with my good friends.)

On to the photos:

A small bottle of the 10th Anniversary Gin

Pouring the Gin

And of course, although it was such a small quantity. After sipping it neat, we poured the last couple sips with equal parts of Fever Tree tonic water to see how well it worked in the quintessential gin cocktail. Suffice to say, the results were pleasing.

Fever tree Tonic + Martin Miller's 10th Anniversary Gin

Fever tree Tonic + Martin Miller's 10th Anniversary Gin

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