Botanical: Lemon

LemonThe most common citrus fruit used in gin. Distillers use lemon rind to impart the distinctive, citrus aroma. Native to Asia, the lemon has been known to Europeans since the first century AD; however, European cultivation didn’t become common until the Renaissance period.

Like Gin, lemons were sometimes carried on 18th century Naval vessels. Navy Strength Gin for the officers’ private enjoyment, and lemons to prevent scurvy among the officers and crew.

Gins featuring Lemon

Explorer Gin

Interestingly enough, although Swedish brand Explorer Gin seems custom made for the European market (bottled at the much lower 37.5%

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Plymouth Gin

At one point, Plymouth Gin was considered a geographically protected product within the E.U. In 2014,  Pernod Ricard declared their

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Nashoba Perfect 10

Back in 2005, a Bolton, Massachusetts winery released a gin. Worthy of remark, especially today, because what we’re tasting is

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Alchemy Dry Gin

Maine Craft Distilling’s story began when distiller Luke Davidson sought to combine his pastoral upbringing with a passion for whiskey.

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