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St. Augustine New World Gin


Price: $33 / 705 mL Proof: 94 Distiller: St. Augustine Distillery Co. Origin: Florida, United States Availability:Florida Rating: Citrus-forward but nicely balanced. In this case, “forward” isn’t another way of saying that’s all you taste here. Juniper is present, along with some other familiar gin botanicals, to create a gin that is equal parts classic and contemporary at the same time. The perspective is slanted towards the citrus, but there’s enough here that fans of both styles will find something to like.   (4/5)

St. Augustine New World Gin in <100 Words

One of a quite small (but growing!) number of gins built on cane spirit, this cane base is 100% Florida grown and has won awards on its own merits. The gin is an equally Florida inspired take, with citrus figuring prominently on the bottle and on the gin as well. Part of their “old world” allure is the intentional anachronism of hand-grinding the botanicals (check out their promo video here) for inclusion in their gin.

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Pink 47 Gin


Old St. Andrews’ Pink 47 Gin pushes the envelope in a couple of novel directions. Featuring 12 botanicals (including almond, cassia, nutmeg and juniper), I caught an interesting note about it which indicates that it features TWO(!) different kinds of coriander and angelica among its ingredients.

Yes, while garden angelica is the most common angelica in gin (Angelica archangelica), it’s far from the only edible kind of angelica- and the floral character can vary from species to species. Angelica Lucida is a coastal plant which is eaten as if a celery. Wild Angelica (Angelica sylvestris) is an edible, pernicious weed, run rampant in the Canadian maritimes. There’s others two, so clearly plenty of candidates for a second angelica ingredient….

Pink 47 is based on a neutral grain spirit and bottled in a faceted pink diamond bottle.


Nice, bright juniper nose, with a modicum of leafy herbs and a some clear coriander mixed in there as well.

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Buss No. 509 White Rain Gin


Hailing from Antwerp, the folks at Buss Spirits began somewhat backwards as far as gin might go. They started with their Raspberry version and only later released their White Rain variation, which is herbal and more traditional with an emphasis on Belgian botanicals. In short, these guys specialize in flavored gin. Their base spirit is 100% grain and this gin contains juniper, coriander, licorice, angelica, vanilla, cardamom, iris, citrus, lemon verbena, and Marjoram. Yep, Marjoram. While indigenous to the Middle East, it’s been a part of European food culture for centuries. And gin culture since at least last summer when White Rain was released.


On the nose, lovely rich classic gin aroma. I’m enamored with it, especially because just underneath the fresh herbal juniper and slightly citrus and heady coriander lift, there’s some green notes and rich spice in the under-story. Cardamom surely comes to mind at first but hints of iris and nutty vanilla as well, and leafy green, herbaceous intimations even below that.  

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Dillon’s Cherry Gin


First, a big shout-out to my friend Chris who picked me up a bottle of this gin while on a wine tour this past Spring. You’ll be seeing a few bottles from Dillon’s coming up, and they’re all thanks to him. So stay tuned for that.

In <100 Words

Dillon’s Cherry Gin is the combination of local Niagara Peninsula Cherries and their signature, locally grown 100% Ontario Rye base spirit. The same base spirit they use in many of their spirits. Dillon’s philosophy is steeped in tradition and family. Interesting note, among the team, Peter Dillon’s title is “Herb and Botanical Expert.” That sounds like a fantastic title to have, and one that I hope to one day aspire to. I digress, back to the gin.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, brown sugar, molasses, stewed cherry, strawberry, and a faint hint of banana as well. Lower, there’s a nice touch of spice with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.

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Other Thoughts

Behind the scenes at The Gin Is In


Hello friends! On this rainy Tuesday, why not come take a behind the scenes tour of The Gin is In? The drinks are always carefully measured.

Some people have a shelf for their liquor. Perhaps a modest bar.

Some people have three book shelves. (To be fair, there’s some tequila and a bourbon here. Plus your creme de violettes (4 types), spicy pear liquor, bitters, etc.)

Some people also fill up their entertainment centers. These truly are the luckiest people. (The birds are not alcohol. Nor are the games, as far as I’m aware.)

This is where the magic happens!

This is just the gin still life lying around. You know, to remind ourselves of the beauty of it all.

This is an average amount of citrus (and tomatoes) for the house. Scurvy is not a problem.


And this is Juan, the turtle! He says hello. And that he would like an Aviation, please.

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