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Gin: The Art and Craft of the Artisan Revival


Can you believe it, we’re almost there! Gin: The Art and Craft of the Artisan Revival is just a little over a month away! Over a year of hard work writing (and drinking!) will soon be in your living room. Or bar. Or well wherever you like to enjoy a good cocktail and read about fabulous spirits.

Looking to Pre-order?

Gin: The Art and Craft of the Artisan Revival will be available wherever fantastic books are sold. So please feel free to wait and pick it up On September 17th at your local independent and major bookstores. But if you want to ensure you’ve got your copy, here are some handy links on where you can pre-order.

In Canada: From Indigo

In the States: Indie Bound, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble

In UK/Europe: Book Depository, Amazon, or Waterstones

Thanks for reading! and I can’t wait to share this book with you! 

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Gin Reviews

Filliers Dry Gin 28, Pine Blossom



Behold the Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris). Growing across Europe, it can be found in the Mountains in Southern Europe, and in lower regions as you go further north. Distinctive in its own right, forests can be found of this majestic blue-green needle bearing tree across the continent. The folks at Filliers Distillery in Belgium, best known for their Genevers,  have taken their Dry Gin 28 (also quite excellent, but you’ll have to check out my forthcoming book for that review**) and added the buds of the Scots Pine to create an absolutely splendid gin that earns the badge “piney.”

Tasting Notes

The nose is (as you might have guessed we would say) piney.

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Gin Reviews

Ginabelle Gin

Ginabelle Gin Bottle

Spain has a reputation for pushing the envelope with their gins. That doesn’t make them a style unto themselves (despite frequent efforts to try and force an entire national identity about gins crafted in a place), but it does mean that you can expect to find a few surprise in place. The inclusion of plums (outside of Sloe Gins) is a rarity, while Gorse might be slightly more common, but still a surprise to find the flowers of an evergreen shrub that has been declared an invasive species everywhere but its native range in Western Europe, in your gin.

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Gin Reviews

Pathogin (Batch 14)

Katey Pathogin

Photo from Kate (@trapezoidalcircle) on Instagram from our visit to Stay Tuned Distillery

I love the differences between batches, especially when the distillers embrace the seasonal variation and the small batch philosophy. So as a sequel to yesterday’s review of Batch 16 (), we’re taking a look at Batch 14. There’s definitely some difference here:


The nose has a good deal more brightness than Batch 16. There’s still a lot of licorice here, but a clean lemony, citrus aroma emerges as well, with a touch more juniper.

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Gin Reviews

Pathogin (Batch 16)

Pathogin Batch 16 Bottle

Can it be true? Rumors abound that Stay Tuned Distillery in Pittsburgh, PA has closed. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania distillery had something of an interesting partnership with Virginia’s Copper Fox Distillery. Partnering up to create a gin based on Copper Fox’s distinctive malt base spirit, the team at Stay Tuned produced a truly seasonal gin, with each batch having its own unique character, embracing the variation inherent in their process. The botanical blend they chose is called G7b5, named for the musical chord. This review is for their Batch 16 variation.

Tasting Notes

You can quickly detect the warm malty character on the nose, but there’s a bit more going on here as well.

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