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Boatyard Double Gin macerates all of its botanicals, juniper included, in wheat spirit for eighteen hours. The “double” refers to the additional use of juniper in a vapor chamber for an extra juniper flavor.

Boatyard Double Gin also shares their ratios for the botanicals. Truly a gin geek’s dream!

Botanical ratios in Boatyard Double Gin. Source:
Boatyard Double uses a higher amount of coriander than many gins, opting for a 7.5:1 ratio of juniper to coriander: Source

Tasting notes

Aroma: Heady green juniper. Pine notes glisten on the edges, with a slight sparkle coriander and grains of paradise adding contrast. Beautiful and quite classic.

Flavor: Bright and juniper forward throughout. Early creamy hints of vanilla wheat spirit back an assertive and round, green juniper note. The other botanicals come on quietly towards the back of the palate. Creamy licorice root, with a hint of cubeb and peppercorn. Coriander lends a gentle earthiness.

Finish: Dry with licorice root, pine accented juniper, and a glimmer of pepperiness from the grains of paradise.

Cocktails and suggested serves

Boatyard Double Gin has some beautiful juniper character that makes it easy to use behind the bar. In almost any cocktail, it will bring a hearty juniper perspective. The assertively strong juniper note makes it ideal for complicated cocktails with bold co-starring ingredients. Try it in a Clover Club Cocktail or Martinez.

It’s smooth enough for a Martini, assertive enough for a juniper-forward gin and tonic and powerful enough to bring juniper when paired with cola.

Overall, Boatyard Double Gin

The base spirit provides a soft, classically wheat spirit backdrop for expertly handled juniper. Boatyard Double Gin is a great choice for the gin drinker in search of a classic juniper-forward gin that is as great in cocktails as it is on its own.

Highly recommended


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