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Master of Botanicals! What a title! Alessandro Garneri recently was appointed this title for the Bombay Sapphire brand (and a couple others too). His work has helped the brand source all of their botanicals through sustainable suppliers, including the late-harvest Tuscan Juniper that is the centerpiece of their latest travel exclusive release.

Juniper cones (or berries as we often call them in the gin world) take three years to ripen. A late harvest, similar to the world of wine, means the berries are left on the tree up until the last possible moment in the year they are ready. This allows them to develop flavor for even longer before harvest.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Beautiful juniper and pine forward nose, with a touch of spice. It’s in this spice that the gin draws a connection to its source material— coriander and angelica root primarily.

Flavor: Piquant pine-forward juniper early. Bright and at the fore. Mid-palate, a hint of aniseed and fennel seed some through. This gentle anise flavor might be the most significant departure from their flagship gin. However, if you’re not a fan of anise, fear not— it’s only very subtle. A hint of lemon and citrus is present, but it could almost be mistaken for being a facet of the juniper.

Sparkles of spice emerge late. Cubeb, coriander, and cassia. Soft mouthfeel overall, with the softness attuned through hints of angelica and licorice root.

Finish: Moderately warm with a pleasing afterglow— botanically it’s mostly about the spice, with a touch of herbaceous, darker juniper.

Cocktails and suggested serves

While it’s not the usual use of Bombay Sapphire, I loved their Tuscan Juniper Gin simply neat.

A Dry Martini with a Twist is a nice way to appreciate the nuance of the botanical bill. However, I found it to be a great gin for mixing— it brings a robust juniper and spice punch to any drink. I tried it in cocktails including the Last Word, Aviation, and a good old Gin and Tonic— and I loved it in all of them.

Naturally travel exclusives aren’t likely to appear at your favorite bar; however, in the rare event that it did— you can remain confident that you could use Bombay Sapphire Tuscan Juniper in any gin cocktail. It is not just a good gin on it’s own, but a versatile mixer.

Overall, Bombay Sapphire Tuscan Juniper

The label says juniper and fennel seed. Those two botanicals shine in Bombay Sapphire Tuscan Juniper. But the real achievement is the beautiful balance. Subtle use of fennel adds a delicate spice, and the juniper in this gin is perhaps the most beautiful expression in the entire Bombay Sapphire lineup.

My biggest regret is that it was a travel exclusive, and that I can’t go to the store to grab another bottle. This gin is a treasured gin in my personal collection, and one that I reached for on several occasions outside of my professional work— sometimes I just wanted to enjoy a good cocktail with a good gin.

Highly recommended, not just among Duty Free selections, but among gins overall.


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