Fever Tree Light Tonic Water

Fever Tree Refreshingly Light Indian Tonic Water

Fever Tree Light Tonic Water— or more completely, Fever Tree Refreshingly Light Indian Tonic Water is a low-calorie tonic water, but not a zero calorie tonic water. If you’re avoiding sugar or sweeteners for dietary reasons, please be aware.

At the time of its launch, Fever Tree Light Tonic Water was significantly lower in calorie than most mainstream tonic water offerings. At a mere thirty calories per 6.8 oz. fluid serving bottle, Fever Tree Light was among the lowest calorie offerings at time of launch.

However, with changing tastes and a trend towards “less sweet” tonic waters, Fever Tree’s light offering has fallen a bit more in line with other tonic water’s main offerings. The trend has been towards less sweet.

Calorie Comparison of Major Tonic Waters per 6.8 oz. portion

Fentiman’s Tonic Water— 71 calories
Fever Tree Indian Tonic— 70 calories
Fentiman’s Light Tonic Water— 47 calories
East Imperial Tonic Water— 43.5 calories
Regatta Tonic Water— 40 calories
Q Spectacular Tonic— 39.6 calories
Fever Tree Light Tonic Water— 30 calories
Double Dutch Skinny Tonic— 21 calories
Q Tonic Light— 18 calories

When compared to some of the more recent launches on the list, Fever Tree Light Tonic could be marketed in 2019 as a full sweetness tonic water— simply because of the trend towards less sweet tonics.

Tasting Notes

Poured, there’s a voracious effervescence with a surprisingly durable and foamy head. It dissipates rather quickly leaving a robust number of bubbles still within the glass.

Gentle citric acid tang to the nose— clean with a hint of lime zest oil. Very nice and inviting.

The palate has a surprising sweetness up front. You might not expect that from a light tonic water, but Fever Tree does not cut out the sweetness entirely. Citrus holds a prominent subtle note throughout the palate.

The finish is quiet with a slight, clean note of quinine. It’s more mild than Fever Tree’s full calorie Indian Tonic. Because of that subtlety, Fever Tree Light Tonic is a better tonic water for people who are into gin and tonic, but not as much into the bitterness or metallic quinine notes of other tonic waters.

If you’ve ever been turned off to gin and tonics because of tonic water, this is a great gateway tonic water.

Further, Fever Tree Light has continued to shine as my go-to for testing new gins. It doesn’t overpower the gins you mix it with. It lets the gin and gin’s botanicals shine through.

Gin and Tonic with Fever Tree Light

If you— like many in the gin community— are wanting to get more from the botanicals in your gin, Fever Tree Light is one of the best offerings out there today. It hits all the marks for a tonic water and lets your gin shine.

I can think of no higher praise for a tonic water.

That’s why as of re-review in 2019, Fever Tree Light Tonic Water earns the highest recommendation from us at the GIN is IN and why we unabashedly recommend it for your next Gin and Tonic.

Highly Recommended.

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