Fentimans Tonic Water

Fentimans Tonic Water

Launched in 2007, Fentimans Tonic Water is a stalwart on the botanically flavored tonic water scene. It has an organic grain base, which is then flavored with lemongrass and quinine bark. It was known for the fact that it included its own botanicals. Fentimans Tonic Water rightly could be described as a tonic water you might drink on its own. The added flavors make Fentimans almost a soda in its own right.

But also since the first time we reviewed Fentimans tonic, the lemongrass isn’t all that unusual in gin period.¬†As the gin community has opened up to lemongrass as a gin botanical, I think it’s also opened up to botanicals in their G&T.

Tasting Notes

Clean and refreshing on the palate. At first the lemongrass comes across as a bit more citrusy, mellowing out as the quinine and bitterness refreshes the palate. Lemongrass on the finish. Subtly sweet, it’s gentle and not cloying in the slightest. I would definitely drink it on its own.

The bubbles are medium sized and have a pleasant texture; however they dissipate quickly. The fizz in Fentimans Tonic supports the botanicals rather than obscuring them.

Fentimans Tonic with Gin

Citrus is a natural pairing with gin therefore the citrus notes from Fentimans Tonic are rarely unwelcome. I’ll say that I do find its overall effect slightly more lemony than lemony and herbal, especially with botanically complex gins.

I think it’s at its best dressing up a gin lacking in flavor or adding a slightly contemporary note to a more classic gin.

That being said, Fentimans is a good tonic water. People who like it will like it because of the pleasant effervescence and crisp bitter finish with a balanced sweetness. People who don’t like it will think that it distracts too much from the gin.


Fentimans Tonic costs about $9 for a package of four 200 mL bottles (available at Amazon).

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7 thoughts on “Fentimans Tonic Water”

  1. … just don’t mix it with Tanqueray Rangpur. It’s a tasty drink, but NOT a G&T. It’s more like a light and citrusy summer beverage which happens to have alcohol. Fentimans is the one tonic water I immediately considered drinking on its own.

  2. This is hands down my favourite tonic water. It’s not that easy to get one’s hands on it in Australia, but it is possible. As the review states it is just so fizzy and herbal. I mix it with Tanqueray 10, Beefeater 24 and to a lesser degree with Sipsmith and Junipero. I use the 125ml bottles which mix well with 30ml of gin…

  3. I had this for the first time last week with Sipsmiths. It completely overpowered the gin. Fever Tree and Schwepps (not slimline) remain my favourites.

  4. I agree that the botanicals are too much for a good G&T however this is a great stand-alone drink as a non-alcoholic alternative to a G&T for those who are pregnant or who can’t/don’t want to drink alcohol!

  5. Okay. I am not questioning your taste buds and I respect your opinion. However my my boyfriend and I were doing summer research for gin and tonics. We tasted three in total and I chose this one first. I smelt it and instantly was brought back to horrible memories of beer fest Porta potty. I’m not saying this smelt like excrement but it definitely reminded me of what ever they used to keep the john’s from smelling like human excrement.

  6. This is the worst tonic that I have ever had and I have been drinking tonic water for years. On its own or with gin either way not recommended.
    I even tried it with Angostura bitters and it still didn’t work. It has a funny taste that I cannot put my figure on? Any suggestions?

  7. One of the most harsh, bitter tonics available. Second possibly to Schweppes or Canada Dry which are both unpalatable.

    Stick with Feber Tree.