Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Water

Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Water

Double Dutch’s line of tonic waters launched a short couple years ago and they’re among those looking to compete with established names like Fentiman’s and Fever Tree. The brand’s founders are two Dutch Twins* who sought to pair good spirits with good mixers.

Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Water is one of an emerging category of low calorie mixers that reduce calories by reducing the sugar content— not eliminating it, nor replacing it with an artificial sweetener.  Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Water has 21 calories per serving (which, take note… there are 200 mL in a bottle and two servings) which puts it on par with Q’s spectacular (albeit not specifically skinny) tonic water).

Tasting Notes

It has a rapid effervescence with a good deal of bubbles sticking around. Nice texture with bubbles on the tip of the tongue early. it’s slightly sweet mid-palate with a surprisingly sticky and long gentle citrus-tinged sweetness. Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Water is a branded-skinny tonic water that doesn’t taste all that skinny.

I made a Gin and Tonic with Spring 44 Distilling’s Spring 44 Mountain Gin. There’s a nice citrus note early and a quiet but well balanced quinine note. In even the mixed case, I get a subtle citrus note on the finish which slowly dissolves into hints of lemon verbena and basil. Clean and crisp, it has a nicely balanced sweetness mid-palate as well which is exactly enough to add balance to the gin, but not enough to ever be cloying or overly-sweet.

I’m not sure I would describe Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Water as sweet per se, but I would describe it as sweeter than expected given the “skinny label.”

Overall, I think Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Water is an ideal and well balanced tonic water for the average gin and tonic drinker. Those who medically need to seek out low-to-zero-calorie tonic water will probably not find this tonic water to meet their specific needs. However, if you’re the kind of person who thinks the average gin and tonic could be just a hair less sweet— this is the tonic for you— skinny or not.


*Get it? Double, Dutch?

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  1. Just tried this tonic with Gunpowder Irish Gin..which is a very good gin.Unfortunately the tonic ruined a premium gin as it was just about flat…the bottle seal seemed absolutely fine so I’m very disappointed with this..there was a worrying lack of ‘fizz on opening.