Conniption Rosé Spritz

North Carolina’s Durham Distillery is best known for their line of excellent contemporary style gins. They also recently broke into the RTD market with products featuring their Conniption American Dry Gin. They make a canned gin and tonic. And additionally they make a rather unique Conniption Rosé Spritz.

This unique RTD combines Rosé wine, Petit Syrah wine, club soda, Conniption Gin, a dash of sweetening, and strawberry and lemon flavors. There are two drinks in this can with an ABV of 11%.

Tasting Notes

Conniption Rosé Spritz is a lovely pastel, carnation hue.

Aroma: Lightly fruity with dried strawberries and Prosecco.

Flavor: As with the nose, Conniption Rosé Spritz is flavorful but light. Berry and lemon segue into an off dry heart with clear rosé wine flavors.

Finish: The gin takes a moment to show up, but when it does it is hard to miss. You can pick up some of Conniption’s signature cucumber and spice. Long, dry, finish with modest strawberry flavor.

Overall, Conniption Rosé Spritz

Durham Distillery has a good thing going with their RTD’s. Conniption Rosé Spritz is a surprising combination of ingredients that showcases each one of them— without overpowering the gin.

It’s not sweet like a lot of Pink Gins are. It’s surprisingly dry and may have a broader appeal. If you’re looking for a gin forward RTD that’s not too sweet— this is worth seeking out. The only other canned cocktail this reminds me of is Lee Spirits’ Strawberry Lemonade.

I don’t often see wine paired with gin in cocktails, but this has got me thinking that there’s more to the idea than just the French 75.

Highly recommended.