Conniption Gin and Tonic

Conniption Gin and Tonic is produced by North Carolina, United States based Durham Distillery.

It features their signature contemporary style Conniption American Dry Gin as its base. It then adds a combination of three citrus, including Meyer lemon, orange and lime, to their house tonic water.

This can contains two gin and tonic cocktails and is canned at a robust 8% ABV.

Tasting Notes

Before tasting, I chilled the can to 40° F. I poured the can into a glass for tasting.

Appearance: Conniption Gin and Tonic has a light straw hue.

Flavor: A balanced medley of citrus, cucumber and spice. Sweet lime zest early. Mid-palate, baking savory spices lend a cola-like note to Conniption Gin and Tonic. The finish highlights one of their showcase botanicals— cucumber, with a tight, medium-loud bitterness that sits somewhere between quinine and gentian.

The finish is moderate length, but earthier and woodier than your usual tonic water. The bitterness reminds me a bit of the flavor of Timberline Tonic Syrup.

Overall, Conniption Gin and Tonic

Even in 2021, the biggest gap in the ready-to-drink gin and tonic space is the lack of high quality G&T’s with contemporary style gins. And this is still the case, despite the growing number of distillers worldwide making excellent gins in this style.

Durham Distillery’s Conniption Gin and Tonic is at the top of the game. Fans of contemporary style gin are unlikely to find a better canned contemporary G&T stateside— or anywhere for that matter.

Highly Recommended in its category.