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Threefold Aromatic Gin is a partnership of three men from Adelaide— Aidan Shaw, Luke Fleming and Steven Roennfeldt— and features three signature botanicals: rosemary, grapefruit and lavender. There’s a lot of “threes” going on here.

The gin overall includes an additional eight botanicals for a total of 11.

The bottle design is bold and visual. It’s among the most striking I’ve seen in the last couple years.

Tasting Notes

True to the aromatic part of the Threefold Aromatic Gin name, this gin is intensely aromatic. Heavy with terpey rosemary on the nose, plenty of juniper rounds things out. Hints of bitter citrus round it out.

The mouthfeel is where I think Threefold Aromatic Gin hits the biggest home run¹. It’s soft, luscious and flavorful without being the slightest bit hot or astringent.

Early, subtle lavender with angelica facets on the tip of the tongue. This is some of the most subtle lavender I’ve tasted in a gin. It’s there, but this is not a Lavender Gin.

Soft citrus notes mid-palate. I get a bit more lemon than I do grapefruit, but the overall affect is beautiful.

Juniper and rosemary merge to become a green, slightly piney accord. Threefold Aromatic Gin is clearly bursting with juniper underneath the signature botanicals.

The finish is somewhat on the shorter side of things. Hints of angelica, white grapefruit pips, and a touch of pink peppercorn.


Threefold Aromatic Gin is almost the platonic ideal of a great Martini gin. It’s smooth, flavorful and bright. It’s also bold enough to come through in a 1:1 Martini or Alaska Cocktail. Love this drink. It may be my favorite Martini of 2020 so far.

But this gin is also a flavorful ingredient in your run of the mill Gin and Tonic. Try it paired with Elderflower Tonic for a boldly contemporary and bright summer combination.

Overall, Threefold Aromatic Gin

I get a lot of gin in the lab for review. Once I tasted Threefold Aromatic Gin, I began grabbing it from the review shelf and using it for gin drinks I made off-the-clock— for fun.

It’s one of my favorite gins of 2020 so far and I would heartily recommend it to any bartender looking for an accessible and well-made gin that will appeal to gin novices and pros alike.

Highly Recommended. 


¹ Am I mixing metaphors? I know Baseball isn’t the biggest sport in Australia. But it just didn’t read the same to me that “Threefold Aromatic Gin hits a sixer


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