Bottle Green Elderflower Tonic Water

Bottle Green Elderflower Tonic

Elderflower is a popular flavor in gin and tonics. Take note that we’ve reviewed Fever Tree’s Elderflower Tonic Water before. And we’ve reviewed Jack Rudy’s Elderflower Tonic Syrup before.

Elderflower has been referred to (sometime pejoratively) as the “ketchup of the cocktail world.*” Bottle Green Elderflower Tonic Water is squarely within that space. But let’s not dismiss elderflower out of hand. The flavor itself is magical. And I love its flavor in a G&T.

Bottle Green’s Elderflower Tonic Water is sweetened with sugar, flavored with natural favor and elderflowers.

Tasting Notes

Poured, Bottle Green Elderflower Tonic Water erupts in a quick forming head of foam. Medium-to-large bubbles adhere to the bottom of the glass, in fair number. The nose is exceptionally sweet, almost candy elderflower.

The palate is nicely colored by a pleasant fizziness, especially at the tip of the tongue. Very sweet elderflower notes mid-palate. The sweetness endures, with the finish being a mix of spectures of cloying sweet elderflower and mild quinine notes.

I tried a Gin and Tonic with Topo PIedmont Gin. It combined quite nicely with the gin. Bottle Green Elderflower Tonic Water did add a lot of sweetness; however, in this case, I really felt like it was the right complement. If you dig sweet tonic that is. I was pleasantly surprised at how the elderflower was balanced when mixed. It provided the right top note and didn’t overwhelm; Topo was still the star but it had an Elderflower note it didn’t before.

I then tried it with Canada’s Ungava Gin. Similarly, Bottle Green Elderflower Tonic Water  added a slightly cloying sweetness; however, as a tonic water, I think it works. It doesn’t overpower, even though it’s flavored.

My primary critique might be that’s a touch sweeter than I normally like. I’d perhaps like a touch more bitterness on the finish, but overall Bottle Green’s approach doesn’t disappoint.

*Rest In Peace, Robert Cooper. 

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  1. Only problem here is that it is impossible to buy. Bottlegreen do not supply to any shops! It’s little wonder that Fevertree have taken the marketplace…