Snowdrop American Dry Gin

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Snowdrop American Dry Gin is distilled at Saxton’s River Distillery. It uses low temperature vacuum distillation, which often preserves delicate volatiles that are sometimes lost during traditional distillation.

It is distilled from a base of neutral grain and features eighteen (!) botanicals. Some of the more unusual ones include cocoa, thyme and the leaves of Damiana– a shrub native to Mexico and Central America.

Tasting Notes

Snowdrop Gin is herb-forward on the nose. Camphor and Menthol are both present with a heavy hint of thyme.

The palate has a slight citrus brightness— orange and thyme come on stronger early. Spices build towards the backend— some hints of cola come through just as ginger emerges to give Snowdrop Gin a bit of heat on the finish.


Snowdrop Gin’s best asset is on display in a Martini. There are so many ingredients here that one can pick out that sipping it simply prepared is the best way to appreciate.

Try Snowdrop Gin in a Negroni or Last Word. Bartenders can mostly treat Snowdrop Gin as a good gin for most gin cocktails, as long as the drinker is looking for a hint more herbal notes than usual.

Overall, Snowdrop American Dry Gin

Snowdrop American Dry Gin, while contemporary and herb-forward, is much less herbal than Gin Mare or Schramm’s. Fans of juniper will find a bit more here than in other competitors in the herbal space.

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