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The Marula tree for which Morula Gin is named is native to Southern and Western Africa. These nearly eighteen meter high trees have a wide canopy and a fleshy white fruit that has been used for centuries as a source of alcohol. The fermented fruit has been drank for centuries (by humans, though Elephants are also said to have a taste for fermented Marula), and more recently distilled in its own right.

In Silver Rider’s Morula Gin, marula is one of the key ingredients. Additionally “other wild African roots and fruits” are also added to the botanical blend.

By the way, the spelling is intentional. The people of the Limpopo region in South Africa have historically called the tree Morula and regarded it as sacred.

Tasting Notes

Silver Rider Morula Gin greets the nose with some citrus, pine, pears and stone fruit. It’s complex and moderately fruit-forward, with a pronounced juniper note.

Sipped, Morula gin is fruit-forward. Rather than being jammy like a lot of other fruit forward gins such as Brockman’s or Hendrick’s Midsummer— it has a crisp flavor that strongly calls to mind Bosc Pears.

Slight pear and earthy spice early. Mid-palate pine, pear, lemongrass and makrut lime leaf. Late, long with lemon leaves, lime zest, Douglas fir, and nutmeg. A slight hint of menthol underpins the finish and gives Morula Gin a clean cool finish.

Morula Gin is complex. Marula is certainly at the fore enough to make give it that “signature botanical” feel.


Morula Gin’s delicate sweetness— both floral and fruity— lend itself nicely to sweet, even dessert style drinks. It pairs surprisingly well with cream. Think about a South African inspired Ramos Gin Fizz. Or pair it with a clean creme de violette for the old-fashioned Violet Fizz.

Overall, Silver Rider Morula Gin

Silver Rider’s Morula Gin is one I’ve come around to. Whereas their Geranium Gin immediately grabbed by attention— this one was a slow burn. It took a bit more time to figure out what to do with it and where it worked best.

In terms of flavor, classic gin fans may find it a bit too far on the contemporary side of the fence, I think as a celebration of an unusual South African botanical with a touch of juniper, Silver Rider’s Morula Gin is a successful gin that in the right places will be an exciting addition to your bar or liquor cabinet.


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