Silver Dry Gin

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`While in Finland, I made sure to check out of the state run Alko stores. While the gin selection was sparse, Silver Dry Gin was one of widely available gins. Distilled by Altia Oyj, the label proclaims that it’s been produced since 1962. The label additionally mentions that the gin contains angelica, coriander and juniper.

Tasting Notes

Heavy foresty nose. Dark and somewhat waxy. Lots of juniper.

The palate is sharp with a good bit of heat early. There’s strong notes of angelica root, with juniper shining mid-palate. The late palate was a bit more spice forward. Angelica root and a hint of celery salt too. The finish is short, very dry and moderately astringent, with juniper and coriander predominating.


In a Gin and Tonic, the coriander shone more brightly than neat. Chilled cocktails generally brought out a more spice forward perspective. Overall, the harshness generally suggests that Silver Dry Gin is probably not an ideal mixing gin for drinks like the Martini. I’d generally stick to mixed style drinks, like the aforementioned G&T and also the Gimlet, to add some citrusy brightness as a counterpoint to the juniper and coriander notes.


Classic gin fans will appreciate the price point and the very classic juniper forward palate. Spices and angelica do come through, but it really is about the waxy, herbaceous juniper. It’s a good mixing gin, but not one that I would generally recommend beyond that.

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