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Richmond London Dry Gin is produced by the esteemed G&J Greenall’s Distillery. While best known for their flagship Greenall’s Gin, the distillery produces a wide range of products under their name among others.

Richmond Gin has eight botanicals and is distilled from a base of grain. It’s price puts it squarely in the bargain category.

In the United States it is bottled at 40% ABV, the minimum required by law. This makes the U.S. version of Richmond Gin slightly different than it’s U.K. counterpart which is only 37.5% ABV.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Moderate intensity green juniper. Underlying ethanol is noticeable with slight medicinal, plastic hints. The aroma of Richmond Gin is a bit uninviting; however, it hits the marks as juniper is present and at the fore.

Flavor: Stronger citrus impression. Lots of Seville orange, to the point of being almost dominant. Green/piney juniper and coriander lend it some balance.

Finish: Somewhat bitter with a fair amount of astringency. Spicy coriander, earthy cassia, with the dryness of pure ethanol. Long, lasting burn when sipped on its own.

Cocktails and suggested serves

Richmond Gin is designed to be an affordable mixing gin. I found that it pairs well with sweet and flavored tonic waters. In those serves, the juniper and citrus comes through.

However beyond the gin and tonic, I find that Richmond Gin lacks balance and some of its rougher edges come through. While you can mask it in a Negroni for example, in drinks where the gin has nowhere to hide— gin and soda or Martini, Richmond Gin comes up short.

Overall, Richmond Gin

Richmond Gin is a fair value for its price; however, overall it’s at best a mixing or well gin. A bit rough around the edges, it checks the boxes for mixed drinks, but I would not recommend it in cocktails where the gin needs to be the star. A touch rough, but if you can get it for as cheap as I did (<$10), it is not a bad gin to have on hand for your next party.

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