Pink 47 Gin

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Old St. Andrews’ Pink 47 Gin pushes the envelope in a couple of novel directions. Featuring 12 botanicals (including almond, cassia, nutmeg and juniper), I caught an interesting note about it which indicates that it features TWO(!) different kinds of coriander and angelica among its ingredients.

Yes, while garden angelica is the most common angelica in gin (Angelica archangelica), it’s far from the only edible kind of angelica- and the floral character can vary from species to species. Angelica Lucida is a coastal plant which is eaten as if a celery. Wild Angelica (Angelica sylvestrisis an edible, pernicious weed, run rampant in the Canadian maritimes. There’s others two, so clearly plenty of candidates for a second angelica ingredient….

Pink 47 Gin is based on a neutral grain spirit and bottled in a faceted pink diamond bottle.

Tasting Notes

Nice, bright juniper nose, with a modicum of leafy herbs and a some clear coriander mixed in there as well. Very classic, with the herbs and minty notes a bit lower in the mix, coming through more clearly as the spirit warms.

Overall, the spirit feels thinner than expected on the palate. Lots of crisp, juniper reveling in its herbaceous side. Towards the back end, the herbal touches come through again shades of sweetened angelica, nutmeg, and bitter orange. The taste is quick and short, without much evolution on the palate. The finish is short and dry, with heat primarily present and a slight back note of herbs.


Simple and classic, Pink 47 Gin has potential as a mixing ingredient. On its own however, it’s a bit underwhelming. Although the flavor will appeal to fans of classic style gin, the thin spirit, with a rough and somewhat hot finish means that for the price, there’s better , more balanced, options available.