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Twin Spirits Distillery was founded by Michelle Winchester as a “one-woman distillery.” It was the first such distillery in Minnesota since at least prohibition (and very likely ever). M Gin and Twin Spirits’ other spirits are distilled on custom built 100 liter HBS Copper stills built in the Unite States. Across their spirit line they vary the bases. M Gin uses a cane base spirit.

Intentionally set with “less ‘piney’ flavor,” M Gin is self-styled as an Old Tom.

Tasting Notes

Immediately upon pouring, sweet candied citrus hit the nose. A closer look reveals orange, lime and makrut lime leaves. The sweetness and slight custard like aroma suggests key lime meringue pie and other confectioneries.

Sipped, M Gin doesn’t immediately suggest a post-distillation sweetening. Though it does have botanical intensity that provides a certain sweetness, which is a characteristic of some interpretations of Old Tom Gin.

Sweet lime early; M Gin remains citrus forward but spice and herb notes especially add depth later on. Lemon thyme and lemon balm are present mid-palate. Cassia and a slight hint of juniper are on a bit towards the finish. More herbs, especially lemon verbena and a subtle hint of pineapple color the finish.

Long and gently warm, M Gin hangs in the palates with a fruity herbal note suggestive of pineapple sage.

The cane base is purely neutral. The texture is nice and smooth, but there is pretty much no white rum/cane spirit character (which can be good/bad depending on your approach to unusual base spirits).


M Gin is a good mixer and especially suitable for applications with tart, fresh citrus. Try it in a Tom CollinsGimlet or even an Aviation.

Furthermore, M Gin is a crowd-pleaser in things like a Gin and Tonic. You don’t need to pair it with a flashy flavored tonic water. Even an inexpensive tonic water like Schweppes takes on a bright citrusy character once mixed.

Overall, M Gin

M Gin is a citrus-forward gin that reminds me of Iron Balls Gin and Crows Gin. Perhaps Twin Spirits Distillery is tapping into the affinity for citrus spirits that seems to be heavily influencing distillers in Asia in the late 2010s— or that flavor profile that New Amsterdam has expertly curated over the last decade plus.

While M Gin may be a bit sweeter than other gins, I don’t quite agree that it’s an Old Tom style. It’s a citrus-forward contemporary style gin with a bold botanical perspective. Fans of citrus-forward gins will find a lot to like about M Gin, while fans of juniper in their gin will be left scratching their heads.



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