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Occasionally you stumble upon a gin or gin brand that while new to you, it has been defunct or is no longer produced. Such seems to be the case with Goodwynn Gin, formerly imported from France by WX Imports. The brand used to have an active website, but it has since fallen into disuse. Not a good sign for its continued availability.

Even at its time of import, precious little is known about this gin. It is a product of France, imported by a California company. One can presume that the source gin was produced by a winery they work with; however, that is speculation. Even a standard TTB search seems to turn up nothing under the name.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Lemon zest, juniper and a hint of violet.

Flavor: Citrus, medicinal undertones with clear green juniper throughout. Low volume lavender leaf eases into the long and rather warm finish.

Finish: Rather warm with lasting heat. Resinous juniper hangs out in the recesses of the palate with some vegetal undertones.


Seemingly designed to be an adequate mixer it shows potential for a good gin and tonic or gin and lemonade. Juniper is present enough to win over fans of classic style gin; however, the overall approach and flavor for me doesn’t warrant use beyond a mixer. I’d avoid the Martini and instead look for it in a Negronis or other similarly mixed drinks.

Overall, Goodwynn Gin

There isn’t a lot out there about Goodwynn Gin and I think it’s rather easy to see and taste why. If you’re looking for cucumber notes in your gin, there’s far better options from Hendrick’s to Conniption and nearly everything in between.

Overall, it tastes like an inexpensive gin that is otherwise underwhelming, in a sea of higher quality options. While not completely unpalatable, it’s hard to see why I would recommend this over a similar inexpensive gin like Gordon’s or New Amsterdam London Dry.

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