Conniption Navy Strength Gin

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We’ve previously covered Durham Distillery’s Conniption American Dry Gin, and much is similar. Distilled via a two step process in a German built pot-still, Conniption Navy Strength Gin still splits the botanicals into two batches for distillation (vacuum, and traditional) to maximize the aromatics expressed in the final product.

Like other Navy Strength gins, this one is bottled at 57%, giving it a bracing on its own character that is well suited to cocktail mixing. But more on that in a bit.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, coriander, resinous juniper, a touch of English cucumber  and a delicate hint of caraway towards the back end. Deciduous and green, its oily and rich with a thick, foresty hue.

The palate begins with a vegetal hint on the front of the palate, an interesting, savory fruity note, lifts with intense cardamom and coriander. Green notes on the back of the palate, grassy and green. Cardamom and ginger like spice on the finish, with hints of caraway and juniper resin towards the finish. Hot and precitably assertive on the palate, but completely lacking in ethanol/alcohol fume notes.

Overall, well made with nice balance in the botanicals, and a quiet base spirit in the service of a cohesive gin, that although contemporary styled, certainly is steeped in the tradition of classic gin.

I find that there are not very many true Contemporary style gins pushing the Navy Strength envelope, so I’m a big fan of what Conniption Navy Strength Gin does here.


Conniption Navy Strength Gin mixes wonderfully, adding a nutty nuance to the Army Navy Cocktail, dialing up with a spice laden backbone that transforms the drink. I found it good in a Gin and Tonic, though I admittedly preferred the regular strength, but it’s drinks like the Negroni where this gin comes to shine. The coriander and cardamom touches which are roars neat are gentle background noise mixed, that work wonderfully in support of cocktails with citrus and bitter accompaniments.


Conniption Navy Strength Gin is solid Navy Strength Contemporary style gin, of which there are precious too few out there. A great cocktail companion for lovers of more modern gin styles, the bold cardamom and coriander notes buoyed by some slight vegetal herbal touches adds enough juniper and spice to stand out in some of the boldest cocktail pairings.

Recommended, and Highly Recommended in its category.