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We were quite a fan of Genius Liquids’ Genius Gin when we tried it last year. We also got a bottle of their Genius Gin Navy Strength. It shares a lot in common with the 45% variety, so for details on Genius Liquids’ unique process we suggest checking out last summer’s review of Genius Gin.

Tasting Notes

Lavender, resiny, woody juniper and a hint of grain grace the nose, which has a distinct, warming impression. Genius Gin Navy Strength seems slightly less vivid than their 45% offering; however, it shares the same inviting character.

The palate is loud and quite warm, and although this is as a Navy Strength Gin should be, it strikes me as less over-emphasizing the high proof than some other Navy Strength gins do. The floral touches are there, along with juniper showing off a slightly more pine-accented character, along with coriander, cardamom and lime-zest.


Overall, Genius Gin Navy Strength is an ideal mixing gin, with the strength of the spirit able to hold up to the rigors of boldly flavored co-stars. Try it in a Negroni or White Negroni. but stick to the Standard Genius Gin if you’re looking for a Martini. It’s a really nice Navy Strength Gin that meets the high bar set by the standard strength.


Genius Gin Navy Strength is strongly reminiscent of the 45% version of Genius Gin, with a perhaps slightly quieter nose. Cardamom, lavender, lime zest and a a nice junipery presence as well. Great for mixing. It hits every mark that you would expect from a Navy Strength Gin.

Recommended in its category. 


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