Fox & Seeker London Dry Gin

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Fox & Seeker might be based out of Texas, but their gin line contains an explicitly “London Dry Gin.” Similar to their Meridian Gin, Fox & Seeker London Dry Gin starts from the base of wheat (20%) and corn (80%) that composes their Texas Vodka.

While Fox & Seeker are shy about disclosing their botanical bill, we do know it begins from a foundation of juniper and coriander.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Green and spruce-laden, this London Dry Gin dials into the pine facets of juniper. Green juniper, with some hints of cedar lend it a strong juniper-led impression.

Flavor: Slight hint of bright citrus at first on the palate. Notes of lemon curd quickly bring a mid-palate heavy with dark pine notes. Notes of rosemary and green juniper, then sage and sagebrush. Late, there’s some classical hints of traditional gin spice coming through. A hint of angelica root and dry coriander spice.

Finish: Pronounced and long, it lingers at the back of the throat for a long time. Chiefly dark green juniper. The spirit itself is quite mild— it has a nice smoothness and relatively little heat.

Cocktails and Suggested Serves

Fox & Seeker London Dry Gin brings an assertive, powerful dark, juniper profile. In some mixing applications it can read as slightly more herbal than juniper-forward. My favorite cocktail was the Negroni, where those spruce and rosemary notes create an assertive and beautiful showcase of the gin’s juniper side.

Secondly, I liked pairing it with complimentary ingredients like absinthe. Try Fox & Seeker London Dry Gin in an Arsenic and Old Lace or Corpse Reviver #2.

Overall, Fox & Seeker London Dry Gin

As long as you keep in mind that London Dry is a process and not a flavor— as in Fox & Seeker London Dry Gin is not the most classic gin on the shelf— there’s a lot to like here. The base spirit itself offers a great texture and mouthfeel. The juniper is present, but in contrast with the “green juniper” note of gins like Bombay Sapphire, this gin highlights the more herbal, dark pine side of juniper.

It can be a bit tricky to mix with. Despite the London Dry label, bartenders should treat it as a specialty gin and build around its flavor profile. It’s not a plug and play replacement for your standard classic well gin.

Fox & Seeker London Dry Gin is a flavorful gin that offers a Texan take on a centuries old process. I’d recommend it easily to fans of classic style gins and herbal contemporary gins.


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