FEW Batch 1 (That Boutique-y Gin Company)

FEW Batch 1 (That Boutique-y Gin Company)FEW Spirits might be one of the biggest name in American Craft Distilling. FEW’s American Gin, with its (especially at its launch, innovative) white whiskey base turned heads and opened eyes, especially stateside for what a craft gin can be. The team has not rested on their laurels. Their addition to That Boutique-y Gin Company’s launch demonstrates that the team might have even more tricks up their sleeves.

For those new to the That Boutique-y Gin Company Concept…. close your eyes and imagine…. a world where distillers share their experiments…. their babies… their gins which normally wouldn’t have seen the light of day… through a limited edition series of gins… share these bold and unique expressions with the world. Sound good? I thought so….

Tasting Notes


This is absolutely stunning and surprising. Especially if you’ve had FEW Gin’s before. This is nothing— absolutely nothing— like what you might be expecting…

Candied lime with hints of lime zest, and Bai Magrut (the leaf of the Markut Lime, though you might know it by another name which I choose not to use…). It’s so citrusy and floral that it’s completely unlike anything I’ve ever tasted from FEW Spirits Gin or otherwise.

Once we get past the weight of expectation, you can appreciate that there might even be some nuance in what seems like a single note of lime. I get hints of Tangelo and Meyer Lemon as well. It’s an unusual citrus-forward bouquet.

The palate is equally as unusual. This almost suggests to me “Key Lime Pie Gin,” because I’m getting lots of sweet lime, melted butter, ginger and graham cracker. That citrus note at the beginning is accompanied by a bright green note reminiscent of unopened flowers, with a hint of musky Hyacinth and Tulip.

FEW Batch 1’s has a long finish that is faintly musky with a hint of bright citrus.

This is so incredibly unusual and out there. I’ve never tasted any gin quite like this one.


I’m somewhat baffled by this one. It might seem too literal to suggest a Gimlet, but the lime and citrus lift seem to cry out for that one. Try it in a Tom Collins for an unusual lemon/lime 7-up cocktail unlike any other gin you’ve ever had. It may be a bit light on the juniper, and while that’s a fair critique, I think it’s highly unusual and worth a closer look. The Gin Wife recommends a simple Gin and Soda, to highlight the citrus and floral flavors of FEW Batch 1.


The citrus flavor, which at times, veers dangerously close to the world of tasting almost fake, might be too outside the box for some. Others might allege that this is close to a “Lime Sorbet Vodka” rather than a gin. Fans of classic style gin probably won’t find as much to like here and will probably better enjoy other entries of That Boutiquey Gin Company.

But for those who like floral/citrus-forward contemporary gins will find something oddly alluring about FEW Batch 1. Thus far, of the entries in That Boutiquey Gin Company’s introductory line, this might be the most truly adventurous and outside the box. It’s unusual, and worth a closer look, as long as you know what you’re getting into.


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