Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin Goldcap

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Avadis Distillery’s Ferdinand Saar Dry line of gins play with ideas of luxury and authentic German countryside. For example their Dry Gin which adds Riesling wine to the mix for a playful, unique gin experience. But their Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin Goldcap takes it to another level.

It’s only produced once a year, and it features a slew of rarely-found-in-gin botanicals. Pears are the least unique of the bunch. How about dried Riesling grapes. Mirabelle Plums, which to my readers in the United States, unless you’ve traveled to Europe and had one, you haven’t actually had one: they’re banned. Nope, you can’t get them in the states due to strict import laws. And then there’s still the matter of the Cocoa beans and Acacia Shoots.

Tasting Notes

The nose is subtle, Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin Goldcap doesn’t quite leap from the glass; however, it’s worth waiting for. Delicate Bartlett Pear and a hint of juniper as well. There’s a slight hint of mintiness, a touch of chocolate mint [the plant] and clementine.

Wow, the palate is absolutely incredible. It begins with a ton of fruit, notes: pear, blackberry, lemon, yellow plum and Glacé oranges. And then, perfect, crystal clear juniper with green, piney notes and a touch of fir.

The finish is exceptionally long with notes of candied orange zest and a touch of savory spice. Really stunning, in my opinion.


This is gin that I don’t recommend mixing and making cocktails with in general. I think it’s fantastic just on its own and worth sipping neat or on the rocks from the bottle. If I were to recommend one cocktail, it would be the Martini. The floral/fruit-forward sweetness [that never veers towards the jammy notes that other gins exhibiting fruit feature] is nicely complimented by a rich, herb-forward Vermouth. I really like it La Quintinye Royal, but pick your favorite and be sparing with it.


An exquisite blend of citrus/fruit notes and classic gin character. It’s mostly about the exotic fruit notes at the front, but it doesn’t forget that it’s a gin. This is easily one of my favorite gins to have as a sipping gin and I think that all gin fans will find something to like here. While contemporary, it strikes a nice balance and does something unlike anyone has ever done before with a gin. The price point surely will surely deter some; however, it’s worth the splurge if you’re looking for a gin that is truly special. Highly Recommended. 


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