Ethereal Gin Batch No. 4

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The Ethereal Gins are small-batch, handcrafted, and limited edition. Each one is a limited batch and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Fortunately, it seems every year they Berkshire Mountain releases a new one. #4 was the first one I tried— but in more recent years we’ve tried Ethereal Gin #6 and Ethereal Gin #14.

Tasting Notes

The bouquet is herbal and complex. Juniper and pepper are immediately present upon tasting, and the gin lingers with a sharp but pleasant anise.


This gin is a key player in cocktails. The flavors are not to be denied. For example, Ethereal Gin No. 4 is one of the few gins that can really alter the profile of a Negroni. The herbal and spicy notes fill in the gaps that sweet herbal vermouth and the cloying bitterness of Campari leave available.  While the press release prominently mentions The Last Word as a cocktail of choice (and why not? The Anise and herbal bouquet pair spectacularly with Chartreuse)

I also find Ethereal Gin Batch No. 4 makes a good gin and tonic. The wide array of interesting flavors also make it a good gin for a martini, especially for fans of contemporary spice-forward styles.

Interestingly enough, I found that the flavors of this gin did not pair ideally with citrus. So I would recommend forgoing the lime in your G&T, and likely avoiding the Tom Collins altogether.

Overall, Ethereal Gin Batch No. 4

Ethereal Gin Batch No. 4 is an impressive gin that does a lot of things really well and leaves me very excited for future releases. [like 6, or 14]

7 thoughts on “Ethereal Gin Batch No. 4”

  1. Hey Aaron, love the site. Stumbled upon it while doing research on the above gin. Just ordered a bottle and am looking forward to giving it a shot. I’m on a major Martini kick right now trying as many different gins as possible, so I look forward to seeing your future posts!

  2. Just gifted a bottle of Ethereal (Batch 4) to a gin drinking friend and we both noted a slight soapy aftertaste. Sort of like how cilantro can taste if it’s past its prime. Not overwhelming, but noticeable in a dry martini after it had warmed up slightly. A little disappointing in such a highly-rated gin; I hope they eliminate this in subsequent batches.

  3. I just tried a flight of 5 ethereal gins last night at Perigee in South Lee, MA, just outside of Stockbridge. I want to write it up, and I would love to fine more insights on all the Ethereals up to Batch 6. Have you tried any other Ethereals beyond Batch #4?
    Batch 4 was my wife’s favorite, and my second-favorite after the unnumbered pink-label bottle. I have not yet got a grip on Batch 6.

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