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I read an interesting piece about Brighton Gin sometime ago. It was suggested that Milk Thistle (one of the novel botanicals disclosed) was included because the plant itself contains silymarin, a compound reputed to have beneficial effects on the liver. WebMD says the jury’s out, while academic articles seem to indicate there’s some potential there that is being looked at further. The compound itself isn’t soluble in water, but it is soluble in ethanol. Meaning at higher proofs, you’ll get more of it. [solubility is the factor at play when the Ouzo effect/Louche occurs in higher proof spirits, the addition of water causes certain compounds to come out of solution].

But more romantically, Brighton Gin is distilled in a pub in Brighton. Designed to capture the romance that is quintessentially Brighton, the Milk Thistle, even if it won’t cure/prevent your hangover, is native to the region of England from where it is distilled. #place

Tasting Notes

Lovely juniper nose, with an earthy, slightly musky, floral warmth and angelica underneath that. Fairly concentrated nose, mostly in the top. Slight earthiness below, but rather quiet after first blush.

Palate is clean. Citrus seems to be the leading character, but you’re getting resinous juniper notes, a slight floral tinge mid-taste, the finish comes on with some pleasant spice notes, coriander, orange rind, long warm and slightly earthy finish. Surprising hit of heat on the finish as well.


Try the Gin and TonicAviation or hearken back to a simpler time and just do some gin and juice. The perspective is largely borrowed from classic tradition, but the citrus zest on the palate really I think pushes Brighton Gin slightly into the world of contemporary gin. Nicely balanced and inviting.


Brighton Gin is quite nice, and one that I think fans of both classic gin and citrus-forward contemporary styles might agree on. Nice botanical presence, in particular from the orange on the palate and angelica on the nose. Mixes well and works well on its own, a solid gin that will please most palates.


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