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The St. Nicolaus Distillery is the largest producer of spirits in Slovakia. While the distillery’s origins date back to 1867, it was 1922 when the Liptov Liqueur Factory first produced a Borovička. St. Nicolaus makes many of Slovakia’s best selling domestically produced spirits. Borovička Inovecká is one of several that the distillery currently produces for the domestic Slovakian market. Although across Slovakia, Borovička tends to represent tradition, this one is St. Nicolaus Distillery’s Innovative version.

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Tasting Notes

Borovička Inovecká on the nose has a slight medicinal note like their Klasik version; however, much more sedate with a modicum of pine branch aroma.

And really that’s it. There’s not much else to say about the nose of Borovička Inovecká. Straightforward, quiet and it smells a bit inexpensive.

To the taste, it’s sweet and quite light— juniper and subtle pine branch notes dominant. Terse finish.

Despite being only a difference of 2% ABV between the Classic and Innovative takes from St. Nicolaus, Borovička Inovecká could almost be considered water alongside its sister.

The spirit is incredibly thin and light. It glides over the palate with ease. Slight bitter note, reminiscent of bitter orange plays along with sedate hints of cracked juniper berries a room away, juniper branch and it all ends with a quick, bitter finish and very little heat.


Borovička Inovecká is quite accessible. It’s easy to drink and you won’t be left with a burn in your throat. But a happy medium is possible. A bit more flavor, texture and mouthfeel are obtainable without an aggressive ethanol burn.

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