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New Hampshire-based Doire Distiling was founded by Andy Day and Alana Wentworth. They distill all their products on a 125 gallon pot still with a base distilled from cane. Doire 3 Queens Gin is one of several in their rotating lineup.

They describe their 3 Queens Gin as “Bright lemongrass up front, followed by rosemary and herbs with a peppery finish.”

Tasting Notes

The nose of three queens gin is chewy.  First there’s creamy notes of vanilla and pink peppercorn, with an underlying bison grass facet. Herbs mingle with the peppercorn as well. The nose is bright and quite inviting.

Sipped 3 Queens Gin is rather robust with powerful, oily botanicals that take over. Grass and hay make a prominent appearance, suggesting a flavorful white rum. Herbal rosemary is piquant and almost spicy at the fore.

As it evolves on the palate, there’s an acute warmth from the base spirit. Herbs flux in the background. I start to get complex hints of tarragon and bay leaves.

The finish is rather short in duration, but it fades with spice, warmth and creamy licorice.


While complex flavor-wise, the heat from the base spirit is better served when 3 Queens Gin is mixed. It made for a surprisingly bright Gin and Tonic. 

The flavors were lovely when complemented by fresh lime, From cocktails like the Last Word to mixed drinks like the Gin Rickey, 3 Queens Gin was fantastic.

Bartenders should be forewarned though— 3 Queens doesn’t mix like a standard gin. The flavor can be a bit unusual and it won’t work well in everything.

Overall, 3 Queens Gin

Doire Distilling have put out a complex and not-so-easy-to-place contemporary style gin. Hints of the base spirit come through lending it a slight rum like character (think Tiki Gin)  Rich, intense botanicals make it a powerful gin to sip.

While these flavors may not appeal to everyone, I strongly recommend fans of herb-forward gins (think Gin Mare) give 3 Queens a closer look.

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Special thanks to John at Foodie Pilgrim. Since 2012, John has shared and sourced gins from New England and nearby that we at The Gin is In haven’t tried yet. This gin sample was shared by John, who is also a big fan of gin. So check out his New England Gin Reviews as well.


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  1. I buy 3 Queens gin aboard the QM2. It’s an expensive shopping trip. What is your company’s relation to 3 Queens ?