Gothenburg Gin

Price:  295 SEK (~$35) / 500 mL
Proof: 90
Svenska Eldvatten
Origin: Sweden
Availability: Sweden, UK and more widely through  Master of Malt
Rating: I like what they’re doing here because although the flavor profile is fairly classic, the overall impression is not a duplication of a gin you’ve already had. The approach doesn’t pull a lot of surprises, but it’s good and quite well executed, bottled at a strength that will be sure to please those looking for a classic mixing gin in the home bar. [Rating:4/5]

goteborg-ginAficionados of whiskey may be familiar with the name Svenska Eldvatten, who are well known for being both a bottler and producer of whiskey products. Gothenburg gin launched in April 2015 with a goal of being a local gin. We’ve seen some pretty good gins come out of Sweden in the past few years, so the arrival of Gothenburg gin is an exciting new arrival on our shelf. Let’s see how it tastes:


The sterling nose glimmers with classic gin notes: angelica, juniper and citrus. The top notes cry out “gin,” while the lower notes are a little bit more laden with fumes and ethanol. A bit harsh, but the important part is there, and unless your inhaling deeply (and repeatedly, hello gin reviewers!) you might not even notice it. So perhaps I’m being ticky-tack in pointing it out. It’s quite nice in terms of overall impression.

The palate is a slow burner. It settles on the tip of your palate for a second before igniting as your nose gets a hold of the nuance. Peppery and junipery at first, the juniper notes settle with some building bitter citrus rind. A plethora of rich gin like notes swirl on the palate, quite hot and quite sharp. There some more happening on the late palate, with a mid-palate spike of angelica, a closing note which is peppery/spicy and juniper-laden all at the same time with some mutterings from coriander as well. The finish is surprisingly long and clean with lots of crunchy juniper. It’s a clear delivery of a brisk, clean classic style gin.

Overall, I’m pleased with what I have had so far and would love a chance to take a closer look at it in my home bar. If I can get a bottle in, we’ll update with some more. Until then, I feel comfortable enough recommending you take a closer look if you’re looking for a new take on classic gin from outside the old gin homeland.

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  • September 9, 2015by David Schofield

    Thanks for this review, I haven’t tried this before so I think it’s another one to add to my next Master of Malt order (providing it’s in stock).
    Regards, David.

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