Botanical: Cucumber

CucumberFor thousands of years, humans have been cultivating the prickly, oblong gourds known as cucumbers. Its cultivation likely goes back to India; however, it’s now gone truly global with many varieties of cucumber for sale in different colors and lengths.

The aroma of cucumber is slightly melon and bitter. People describe it’s flavor as “green.” Cucumber distilled often takes on a stewed vegetal flavor and therefore many distillers, taking cues from early cucumber-gins like Martin Miller’s and Hendrick’s have turned to adding cucumber after distillation.

During the early years of the gin renaissance, cucumber was one of the most popular new botanicals. Though in the mid 10’s and on, the fervor has cooled. As a cucumber.

Counter Old Tom Gin

Counter Old Tom Gin is the Batch 206 Distillery’s take on the hard-to-pin-down Old Tom style. Distilled from grain, Batch

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Hendrick’s Gin

Hendrick’s Gin launched in 1999. It likely needs no introduction. Hendrick’s Gin was launched by William Grant & Sons at

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Gustaf Navy Strength Gin

Rating: Contemporary Navy Strength Gin with a strong floral perspective, though it suggests lavender, the rich vanillin and honey undertones buoy

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Conniption American Dry Gin

Price:  $34 /  750 mLABV: 44% Distiller: Durham DistilleryOrigin:  North Carolina, United StatesAvailability: North Carolina only for now. Check their site

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Long Table Cucumber Gin

Long Table’s cucumber gin sources local vegetables, even rounding out the botanical mixture with two peppers in addition to their

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Counter Gin

Up in the distilling hotbed of the Pacific Northwest, Counter Gin hails from Batch 206 Distillery in Seattle Washington. They’ve

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Southern Gin

Thirteenth Colony Distillers unsurprisingly hails from the United States’ thirteenth colony, and the nations’ fourth state. The gin is called

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