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Quench Tank Gin begins from a base of Blacksmith Distillery‘s Cold Chisel Vodka, produced from 100% Missouri-grown corn. It is then distilled with a wide array of green, herbal botanicals including snap peas, mint and cucumber.

However its most surprising botanical is a second type of juniper. While the juniper berry we know from gin is Juniperus communis, other types of juniper exist. The berries of Juniperus monosperma (or cedar berry as they’re more familiarly known) are a traditional medicine and food flavoring used by Native Americans. They also appear in Quench Tank Gin.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Herbal and green, with spicy terpey facets. Aromas of shishito pepper and mint hover above a resinous, slightly spicy juniper base.

Flavor: Sipped, it’s among the most savory and herbal gins I’ve had to date. Upon first taste, hints of orange peel, earthy juniper and watermelon rind. Mint and sage notes mid-palate lend a complex coolness.

The finish is long and green. Menthol hovers over notes of fresh garden vegetables like fresh haricots verts and raw jalapeƱo (sans the capsaicin/the burning heat).


At first glance, it’s easy to expect something completely different than what you’re getting here. The name Quench Tank Gin conjures images of blacksmiths forging knives. The gin? While the warmth is perceptible, the flavor profile suggests gardens, fields, and the pastoral side of things.

Paired with tonic, garnished with spring peas Quench Tank Gin can be an ideal summer drink gin. Its strong herbal character also lends itself nicely to pairing with dry Vermouth. A Martini, garnished with savory elements such as an olive or in a Gibson are obvious choices here.

Where I found it less successful as a cocktail ingredient was in cream based cocktails (Ramos Gin Fizz) or in the Negroni. The herbal notes in Quench Tank Gin are better complemented with bright ingredients such as fresh citrus.

Overall, Quench Tank Gin

Powerfully herbal, Quench Tank Gin is savory and summery. Ideal for summer cocktails, its sure to appeal to fans of herbal contemporary gins who like a bold flavor.


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