Wegmans Tonic Water

Wegmans Tonic Water

Wegmans is a grocery store chain, popular in the American Northeast. Their store brands have a reputation for being of higher quality, rising above the stereotype of being “generic.”

Wegmans Tonic Water is sweetened with sugar. There’s 60 calories per 200 mL serving. Additional ingredients include citric acid, natural flavors and quinine.

Tasting notes

Fizz quality: Texturally small bubbles, tightly and highly concentrated on the front of the palate.

Aroma: Clean and crisp with mild notes of citrus.

Flavor: Again, quite crisp throughout. Mild intensity lemon lime flavor late on the palate. Moderately sweet— it has a bit more restraint than many other supermarket brands.

The bitterness and quinine flavor is present; however, it is not pronounced. At a rather quiet volume, it’s terse and quickly fades.

And tonic

I tested Wegmans Tonic Water with Yuletide Gin. The mild sweetness amplified the gentle spice notes early, lending a bit of a “spice cake” quality. The bitterness was present on the finish, though a bit subtle. It really let the gin star through.

Overall, Wegmans Tonic

Supermarket tonic waters and store brands often have a bad reputation. They’re presumed to be low quality, cloying and metallic. I’ve reviewed quite a few, and unfortunately I’ve found the negative reputation is well deserved.

It’s a nicely balanced supermarket tonic water for someone who likes a touch of sweetness, mild bitterness and a strong citrus flavor. Wegmans Tonic Water isn’t as good as a tonic from a company dedicated to making high quality mixers. However, it’s truly among the best store brand tonic waters on the market today.

Recommended in its category.

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